Friday, November 6, 2009

Heavenly Majesty

While in D.C. with Mike, we couldn't pass up
the opportunity to visit the grounds of the
gorgeous temple there, and have yet another
opportunity to let the girls feel the "specialness"
of temples. It was a choice experience made all
the better because we availed ourselves of the
opportunity to have Mike as our guide while he
was still residing there.

My little Man, he truly is

Hard to see, but it is always a favorite
for the girls to get up close and personal
with the Christus whenever we are in
visitor's centers that have them. I love
the teaching and bearing of testimony
opportunities that such occasions present.

Which brings me to the aptly named title of this post.
The timing of our trip coincided with a special
exhibit of images taken with the Hubble Telescope,
called "Heavenly Majesty." I have included snapshots
of a couple of the GORGEOUS photos on exhibit.

Each photo was accompanied by a brief explanation
of the subject and a scripture that corresponded
with it.

The images were breathtaking, and likely some of
the finest available that illuminate man's mind on the
expanse of space. We really had a great time seeing
so much and spending Mike's last days before he
officially became an expatriate! Thanks for hosting
us uncle Mike!

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Beth said...

Adroolable...I love it! You guys go on tons of trips. Your girls have probably been to more places then I have!