Sunday, September 9, 2007

Italy trip 2007

Hey y'all! Just kidding...just because I served my mission in Alabama, lived in Louisiana and married a boy from South Carolina is not reason sufficient to start talking like my roots are here...yet! Jonathan and I just returned a few days ago from a FABulous trip to Italy, and so many people have asked about the trip and wanted to see pictures that I finally decided to stop resisting pop culture and just go ahead and do one of these digital journals. So here it is...the Cope Family blog. Oh, and I can also thank my friend Melanie from back home for sending me the link to hers which also put the pressure on. My brothers and sisters still think we should do facebook or myspace, but for now we'll start here. Okay, about the trip. We flew to Rome on Aug. 23rd and were there for two days, then three days in the Cinque Terre ( adorable little fishing villages along Italy's northern coast), two days in Florence, three in gorgeous Tuscany, three more on the Amalfi coast and back to Rome for our flight home. It was a fabulous trip and we fell in love with much of Italy and definitely plan to return...we're hoping for our ten year anniversary. We'd love to travel with a couple next time...any takers?? Anyway, read on to see and hear all about our adventures!