Friday, December 12, 2008


I'll keep this brief as I know it is boring to read blogs that are all talk and no pics. Sorry 'bout that. The geek squad successfully recovered my photos from my hardrive, although the computer is totally kaput. I paid 160 just to get my pics back and another 100 for the external hard drive to have them stored on. I could pay another 300 for a new harddrive and then pay for all my software a-la-carte, however, when you add all that up, it just about amounts to the price of a new computer anyway. So Jonathan and I are in the market for one. We're conducting some research and will be purchasing one in the next month or so. I plan to be up and running again, with a backlog of updates, around the 1st of 2009. Wish the news were better than that...but I am eternally grateful I have my pics! Best wishes to you all for a very safe, happy, and gratitude filled Christmas and holiday season.