Sunday, October 4, 2009

D.C. cont'd

I hate that I am never able to capture in picture
beautiful architechture. Maybe someday I'll be
able to afford a camera that can do better justice...

In any case, this is a portion of the ceiling in the
Library of Congress. You really must go, I'll leave
it at that. We were going to see a first edition copy of
the Book of Mormon, but we were visiting on
Memorial Day, and that portion of the library was
closed for the holiday.

Uncle Mike and Max...they like each
other a little bit...

We snagged a fellow tourist to take this picture
of all of us inside the Library of Congress.

Arlington Cemetery was a solemn and hallowed

It was raining, not a torrential downpour, but
pretty steady, but we stayed long enough to see
the changing of the guard anyway. Amazing:
a beautiful and noble tribute that this scene is carried
on day in day out around the clock to remind us
of the tomb of the unknown soldier and the countless
lives lost in battle who were never identified.

While memorials and speeches are always nice, the
NICEST thing I think we can do to honor all
these men and women who "died to make us free"
is to live worthy of that freedom. May we always
REMEMBER to do so, and may we always REMEMBER
the cost of that freedom.

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Brandi said...

too bad for the rain but I'm glad you guys had fun. I hope to go to DC some day. oh and I've seen a first edition BOM before. ;)